OpenRequest is a pure java component which assists in the construction, deployment, operation and support of distributed document request and mediation services. The engine provides a standards conformant ISO ILL ( ISO 10161 ) protocol stack, advanced request routing / queuing mechanisms and a request management / tracking database.

Once installed, OpenRequest provides an API to send standards based document or inter-library loan request messasges, to receive and action incoming request events, and to manage the request process when multiple potential suppliers ("responders" in ISO ILL jargon) are involved. When combined with a presentation layer, OpenRequest can provide an organisation with an exceptionally fast route to providing advanced request management systems which can be easily integrated with existing library and management applications.

Open Request can also be combined with a cross searching product (such as JZKit) to provide the link between resource discovery and delivery in institutional or consortial interlending systems. OpenRequest also includes an integration API targeted at vendors and systems integrators looking to use OpenRequest as a black box ILL engine for their own products and systems.




Commercial licenses are also available. Contact us for more information.