LIS Gateway

– reduce development time on LIS implementations

The Psydev LIS Gateway reduces the development time and effort needed to integrate home-grown and legacy systems with LIS. It allows for an incremental approach so that developers can trial different services and transactions.

LIS Gateway can also be used to develop adapters to enable educational systems to achieve compliance with LIS and thus be able to integrate with LIS-enabled Learning Management Systems and Student Information Systems.

The Gateway provides a head start on a LIS implementation by handling all of the LIS calls itself, requiring developers just to implement an API. It handles data mapping issues via the use of neutral data structures and a driver-based architecture. The Gateway ships with command-line clients and is available as an easy to install virtual machine.

Download the Gateway for SQL fact sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The LIS Gateway has been awarded conformance to LIS v2.0.1 (Beta 1) for both mySQL and Moodle drivers, making Psydev the first company in the world to achieve conformance to this standard. Our registration numbers are IMSE1Pd2012W1 (mySQL), IMSEA1pv2014W1 (Moodle v2.6.x), IMSE1Pd2012W2 (Moodle v2.2.5) and IMSE1Pd2012W3 (Moodle v2.2.3).