Application Profile Registry - v2 launched

As well as having an enhanced user interface, the revised registry is also accessible via SRU and SRW. The registry has been implemented entirely using k-int open source toolkits.

'IT For Me' service launched

The new service, available at, is hosted by k-int and jointly funded by the four local library authorities in South Yorkshire. The launch of service represents a massive vote of confidence in the system from the authorities who are prepared to invest in maintaining this innovative service provision despite a difficult financial environment. As a group we plan to investigate opportunities to bid for funding in future to further enhance the system.

BECTA Vocabulary Studio

The web service interface allows studio to communicate with third party applications, such as vocabulary bank, in real time. The adoption of a ZTHES 1.0 as a standards-based interchange format allows vocabularies to be consumed directly by applications such as the curriculum online portal and tagging tool. For more information about vocabulary studio, see the VocMan website.

JISC Consultancy

A comprehensive review of Resource Discovery services was conducted by a team led by Clax Ltd. k-int were lead partner for the advisory phase, working alongside Eric Lease Morgan of Infomatics, Inc.

A workshop and report, following up on our previous work on personalisation technologies, was commissioned by JISC to inform policy priorities. k-int worked alongside Seb Schmoller and Nicky Ferguson on this, as in the original study.

The outcomes of both studies will be published shortly on the JISC website.

Exploring 20th Century London

The chosen solution was to integrate the upload of information between partners closely with the peoples network ‘discover’ service, taking advantage of discover’s ability to both provide and consume OAI-PMH data feeds. The model ensures that e20cl data is automatically also available in ‘discover’ for wider dissemination and is seen by MLA and others as a model for similar projects in future.

Vocab commons 1.1.0 released

Vocab commons 1.1.0 - Knowledge Integrations core library for importing, managing and versioning zthes taxonomy and thesaural structures released today. Source can be found at with the head development version available at Compiled binaries are available from the maven2 repository at

National Performance Database - Feasibility Study

Our work took the outputs of a requirements analysis alongside details of existing databases and mapped these against the capabilities of iNode and associated software, using OAIS as a reference model. We found a good fit and were able to provide a detailed development and implementation plan which will form the basis of future funding bids.

Launch of PN Discover

'Discover' is based on K-Int's ground breaking open source portal toolkit, iNode. The service was developed for MLA by the IT For Consortium consisting of:

    * University of Sheffield

    * Knowledge Integration

    * Futurate

Peoples Network Discovery Service

The IT For Consortium, consisiting of University of Sheffield, Knowledge Integration and Futurate, won the contract via a competitive tendering process, beating off strong competition.

The Discovery Service will provide access to range of content including Community Information, eGovernment, Digitised Resources and eLearning materials. It is due for launch in the Autumn.

European eLearning Standards

One part of this work is to develop and maintain a registry of Aplication Profiles relating to eLearning. The project will develop a generic Registry API in JAVA which can be accessed by a range of protocol adapters. The registry will be accessible to both human and machine agents.

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