Peoples Network Updated

From 1st July 2009, the Peoples Network website moved to new home.  Although it looks superficially pretty much the same as before, it is now being driven entirely by the Collections Trusts new Culture Grid platform, based around k-int's open source aggregator platform.

FixRep project begins

k-int are participating in the JISC funded FixRep project which started in April 2009.  The project is led by UKOLN with the National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) also being a partner.


OpenXSD is a schema analysis library implemented in java and based on the xsd library from the Eclipse XSD project.


A2J is an "under the hood" component which underpins a number of other products. Technically speaking, it ss an ASN.1 parser that produces java based codec and associated DTO (Data Transfer Object) classes for a given input ASN.1 definition.

A2J is used as the ASN.1 compiler for JZKit and OpenRequest.


OpenHarvest is an open source web robot or spider which can be used to extract information from a range of data sources. It was initially developed to collect Dublin Core metadata from web pages but has since been enhanced to analyze geospatial information and full text.

In addition to harvesting information from html web pages, OpenHarvest is extensible via our familiar 'plug-in' mechanism. Plug-ins exist for MS Office (e.g. .doc, .xls), OpenOffice and PDF documents.




k-int to maintain Zthes

Maintenance of the Zthes specification has been transferred to Knowledge Integration (

Transcoder available for public testing

As part of a JISC funded project involving k-int and CETIS, a web based service has been deployed on the Amazon Cloud Computing platform which allows users to upload learning materials packaged in a variety of formats and receieve in return the same materials in a diofferent packaging format.  Supported formats include varients of SCORM, IMS Conetnt Packaging and IMS Common Cartridge.

The service, made freely available by CETIS, is available at


VocMan launches Lexuarus

The Vocabulary Management Group (VocMan) - a joint venture between k-int and Schemeta - recently launched the Lexaurus vocabulary server.

Lexaurus Bank allows users to search and browse controlled vocabularies via a web interface or via web services based machine interfaces. See the VocMan site for more details.


Theatre Information Group

Following a feasibility study and a successful funding bid, the Theatre Information Group, led by V&A Theatre Collections, have commissioned k-int to design a National Performance Database.

The system will take data from a variety of sources to build up a unique historical record of theatrical performances. Initial partners include UK Theatre Web, National Theatre, Royal Opera House & Shakespeare Birthplace trust. It is hoped to add data from other sources at a later date.

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