Vocabulary Management Group Ltd

Knowledge Integration Ltd (K-Int) and Schemeta Ltd are pleased to announce that K-Int has taken full control of Vocabulary Management Group Ltd (Vocman) after acquiring the shares previously held by Schemeta.  The full range of Vocman products and services will be integrated into K-Int's existing structure.  Mike Collett of Schemeta will remain closely involved with the Lexaurus product set as an integral part of the K-Int team.

Merging the development and support of Lexaurus with K-Int's existing activities provides an excellent opportunity to exploit synergies with K-Int products such as Open Data Aggregator (ODA) and Collections Information Integration Middleware (CIIM).  It will also allow K-Int to leverage R&D funding already secured to accelerate the integration of the products.

There are no immediate plans to change Lexaurus licensing and pricing arrangements.  Continuity of service for existing customers is guaranteed as all Vocman's support and hosting was already managed by K-Int on a subcontractor basis.  All existing Vocman email addresses will continue to function and all managed services will continue to be hosted on the Lexaurus.net domain.  The only difference that customer should notice is that their next invoice (be that for renewal of a managed service, support, software or services) will come from K-Int rather than Vocman.